Tell Your Story

Gun violence is everywhere in the news and on social media, from shootings down the street to schools halfway across the country. Have you been a victim of gun violence or have you witnessed gun violence Do you know someone who knows someone who has suffered because of gun violence? Every story is powerful. Your story has the potential to stop a tragedy, to save a life. Don’t let another day go by with someone dead or injured by gun violence.

Speak your truth.

  1. Linda, Minneapolis  

    Me and the victim, D, we lived together for four years. I don’t think it’s a fair deal, just 104 months. I’ll never get to see him again. When he left my house that night, he did not have a weapon. He was just going to a club.

  2. Nenee, Richfield  

    When I was 11, my mom was shot. It broke my heart as a kid. Who would want to shoot my mom? She didn’t know them and they didn’t know my mom. She was in the hospital for months. I didn’t recognize her. All her hair was gone, her face was swelled and part of her skull was gone. She didn’t look like herself or sound like herself. We had to sneak into the hospital so we could spend the night with her. I think I would have turned out different if this didn’t happen. She had three cars when she was shot. She came out with one and she lost that one. We lost everything. We had to live in shelters, live with people who used to be her friends. I don’t get sleep. If I fall asleep early, it’s like two in the morning. I just don’t want to miss anything and I don’t want no more surprises. I tell boys, if you carry guns, then you want nothing to do with me. I wouldn’t allow it.

  3. Taila Davis  

    My cousin was shot a month before his 18th birthday all because of riding his bike to his aunts house and boys chased him. He died right on his aunts back porch and now his daughter will be fatherless and his mom will only have one son to look after her we have to stop the violence becuse you aren’t just hurting him your hurting everyone else that loves especially his daughter who won’t get to meet her dad when she grows up we have to explain to her why she is fatherless and won’t get the birds and the bees talk or he can’t defend her for her first date or how not to wear tight clothes please change your story PLEASE.

  4. Sa'Lesha Beeks  

    My worse nightmare came true on May 26, 2016 at 6 pm . Although I am an adult, I think the youth need to hear this story to stay away from guns. My mother, Birdell Beeks was driving through North Minneapolis on her way home, while at a stop sign on 21st and Penn Avenues someone open fired and killed my mother. She was not the intended target and no one has yet been arrested or charged in her murder. The fact that the community refuses to stand up for their community, where they live, to get guns off the street is astounding to me. I encourage youth if you know of anyone with a gun, see someone with a gun to report them immediately. We should not have to fear in life just walking or driving down a street.